Good Things Foundation – Make It Click

Screenshot of Make It Click – Good Things Foundation

Funded by, Make It Click is an ongoing, long-term project to create a digital platform that helps people improve and broaden their digital skills.

Good Things Foundation are the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity. It has Online Centres across the country and a fantastic online platform called Learn My Way, which helps people gain basic computer skills. Where Learn My Way is for people new to technology, Make It Click is about helping people build on what they know and make a positive change in their career.

I’ve been working on the project since it began in January 2019. We’ve been through an initial discovery phase to establish what this particular audience needs, followed by an iterative design process to create a beta version of site.

Make It Click is still in development so there are limits on what I can reveal here. However, there is plenty still to come and we’re currently working on a new set of user stories, content that can be used by coaches in-person with learners,  and ways that we can spread the word about the project.

You can find out more by reading this handy article about Make It Click on the Good Things Foundation website.

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