Eden Project Communities (a Yoomee project)

I worked on this project in 2016 as Senior Producer at Yoomee.

The Eden Project wanted an online platform to replace three existing websites for their popular annual Big Lunch event. The Big Lunch brand would become part of Eden Project Communities, an overarching initiative for people who want to take action and make a difference in their community.

As Senior Producer, I managed the project from start to finish. And there was plenty of content strategy work too. We created detailed, research-based personas after surveying more than 200 people and running workshops with the Eden team. I created wireframes and the site’s information architecture (IA) through card sorting and Treejack, a fantastic online tool for testing sitemaps with real people.

The pinboard-style layout created a community feel to the site

Every project has a key moment or turning point. Part way through I ran a content workshop with the team at Eden. I wanted to help them get to the core of the new platform’s message. What should Eden Project Communities say to its audience? After two hours and many Post-its, the consensus shifted from big picture ideas of community building to a clear call to action: ‘small is good’.

That one change informed the direction of the whole project. Instead of telling people they can change the world, the Eden Project Communities platform is all about getting people to take the next step. Its pinboard-like design language and focus on action encourages visitors to move around and find something they can do in their community. Could be a big deal. Could be a small step. Both are great.

Eden Project Communities went live in 2017.

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