How to be a content generalist

The lovely bunch at GatherContent asked me to contribute a video to their annual Christmas advent calendar. It’s a great idea – 24 days of content-related insight from people working in all areas of the industry.

Last year, I talked about plain English, as I am often inclined to do. But after nearly a year of being a self-employed content producer, I thought I’d try something a little different. And so my video was all about being a content generalist.

What is a content generalist?

Some people who work with content (a tricky word to define itself) are specialists in one particular area. They tend to be great at one or two things and rarely stray from those lines of work.

I am not a content specialist. Though like most humans, I’m better at some things than others, I think I am a content generalist. That means I take on a broad range of projects and have experience in lots of areas.

And that’s what my video for GatherContent covers. I talk about the variety of projects I’ve worked on this year. I also offer three simple tips that have helped me be a content generalist. Crucially, they’ve also helped me win work and stay busy.

Watch the video

You can watch the video right now over on GatherContent’s website. It’s set up in a way that means I can’t embed it here, but hey, while you’re over there, you can have a look at some of the other ace videos too.

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